Recent Publications:

“Burying Bird Dog” was published in the 2010 The Clackamas Literary Review.

“Eulogy for a Good Girl,” “Religion,” and “April in Laramie” were published in the Open Window Review, Spring 2012.

“Elegy with no Shotgun” was published in The New Plains Review, Fall, 2013.

“Christmas Eve 2011 After Taking Yu Troung to Radiation, Christmas Eve 2012 After Learning he Passed” was Published in The Naugatuck River Review, Fall, 2013.

“Seek” and “Black-Footed Country” were published in The Minnesota Review, Fall, 2013.

Mother, You did not need…” was published in The Cumberland River Review Summer, 2014.

Slip” was published in The Cumberland River Review Fall, 2014.

“Surrender: A Prayer for my Mother” was published in The Bellevue Literary Review, Fall, 2014.

Gathering her Ashes” and “A Few Theories on Starlings and Dandelions” were published in Compose, Fall, 2014.

Mother,” was published in Sundog Lit, Fall, 2014.

“Elegy with Lawn Gnome” and “Mother Seen as Dress on a Line” were published in Clerestory in Spring 2015.

“Root Rot” and “Another Definition of Drought, Late Summer” were published in Stirring: A Literary Collection, May, 2016.

“Blood Sausage” was published in The Raleigh Review, Spring 2016.

Preserving” was The Missouri Review’s Poem of the Week July 4, 2016.

The Mudsuckers” was published in The Carolina Quarterly, Spring / Summer 2017.